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A Hand Disgraced So Baby Said...

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3/11/10 02:09 pm - Idyllium de rosis

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I had the words I pray will save me carved into my chest with ink. "Collige Virgo Rosas". I have dreamt of the notion of "Illustrated Children" for years. My heart has been there but something was lacking. I have now finished my tiny birdcage, which no longer looks like a cupcake, and have "love" across the top of my left leg. The intimacy is exquisite. Sometimes I think I need to remind myself who exactly I want to be, and where exactly I have been. I can think of no better reminder.

The past couple of days have been a collection of beautiful little naps, illustrations, paintings, kittens and bunnies, gorgeous food and little treats. One more day at work then two blissful days off. But until then, I do not plan on crawling out of my bed. I am so content.

3/11/10 01:48 pm

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2/4/10 08:32 pm

What the fuck am I doing.

1/17/10 10:09 pm - ...

The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn all around the town.
Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town.

Let the crowd believe what they will. If they ask I will tell them. But truly, I have a crown of my own, and their thoughts mean little to me. I ask the same question, over and over again. Why do I ask? For confirmations? Reassurance? Guidance? I ask to make this stabbing pain disappear in my gut. Everything about this feels wrong to me. Though it makes perfect logical sense. I ask in the hope than someone, anyone can make this go away. But they can't. So head or heart. Make or break. I am a creature of instincts, but logical by nature, and never have these two aspects collided quite so furiously.

The unicorn is a little lost...and with no one worthy of fighting.

1/17/10 10:08 pm - Promises promises...

I am doing my best...
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1/6/10 06:49 pm

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We ♥ midnight snow...

1/6/10 06:47 pm

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12/27/09 07:38 pm

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Hawkins Road ♥ home made mulled wine on the BBQ

12/25/09 05:23 pm -

So despite everything falling apart over the past few weeks, today has been beautiful. I have struggled to hold everything together as my work, my house, my relationships all began to crumble. I have been feeling everything slip through my fingertips. But I grasp at the threads and I shall pull this all back together. And it shall be beautiful.

11/28/09 11:42 pm - Tabitha

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My beautiful kitten
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