violet_bruise (violet_bruise) wrote,

Idyllium de rosis

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I had the words I pray will save me carved into my chest with ink. "Collige Virgo Rosas". I have dreamt of the notion of "Illustrated Children" for years. My heart has been there but something was lacking. I have now finished my tiny birdcage, which no longer looks like a cupcake, and have "love" across the top of my left leg. The intimacy is exquisite. Sometimes I think I need to remind myself who exactly I want to be, and where exactly I have been. I can think of no better reminder.

The past couple of days have been a collection of beautiful little naps, illustrations, paintings, kittens and bunnies, gorgeous food and little treats. One more day at work then two blissful days off. But until then, I do not plan on crawling out of my bed. I am so content.
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