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A Hand Disgraced So Baby Said...

27 September 1988
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I adore decadence. Absolute self indulgence. Debauchery with breathy vocals. Malevolence and vehemence. Fornication. Hand made diaphanous dresses worn with petticoats and vintage lingerie. Corsets with 7" heels. Sexual addictions and obscure fetishes. Covetousness and intimate noises. Amorous whispers from painted lips. Pretty delusions and a little dipsomania. Vulnerability, false eyelashes, seduction with a little violent lust. Catholicism. China Dolls. Eloquence. Etiquette. Decorum. I do not believe in words for the sake of filling silence. Conviction is everything. I tend to come across as cruel to those who lack discernment. Honesty holds little value to me. I'd far rather be told what I want to hear, despite it's veracity . Fanciful Tales. I delight in abhorrence. Beguile me with words and I am yours for always...xXx